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Lisa Norman is the Director of Membership Services at the Psi Chi Central Office and has provided answers for some of the most frequently asked questions about membership.

Membership Questions

How do I become a member of Psi Chi?

I cannot attend the induction ceremony. Can you send my certificate and member card directly to my home?

Can I transfer my membership if I change schools?

I moved/got married/graduated/got a new email address. How do I update my information?

I’m an alumnus. Can I reactivate my membership?

Can I be a member if I’ve already graduated?

Faculty Advisor Questions

How do I invite prospective members to join our Psi Chi chapter?

In the past, I entered my members online. Has the process changed?

How do I view prospective member applications?

How do I submit new members’ fees?

Once I pay for new members, when will I receive their cards and certificates?

Where can I find the paperwork/forms our chapter needs?

We are switching faculty advisors. What do we need to do?

Where can I find out about Psi Chi ceremonies and rituals?

Awards & Grants Questions

Jennifer Baldwin is the Director of Awards and Grants at Psi Chi.

What is the difference between an award and a grant?

What is Scholar Select?

How competitive are the programs?

What are the differences between undergraduate, graduate, faculty member categories?

What are the biggest mistakes most applicants make?

What should I do with grant money that was not used in my research project?

What timeline do you recommend for preparing an application?

Why is applying for an award or grant important?


Merchandise Questions

Linda Williams is the Psi Chi Merchandise Manager. She processes and ships all of the orders for merchandise received through the Central Office web site.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Can you deliver to a PO Box?

How much will it cost to ship my items?

If I pay for UPS 2nd Day delivery will I receive my order on the weekend or on a holiday?

How does my payment method affect my merchandise shipment?

What are the guidelines for exchanging apparel?

Does Psi Chi offer discounts for large orders of graduation regalia or other merchandise?

Can I change or add to my order once I have placed it?

If I refuse my UPS package will I get a full refund from Psi Chi for my order?

I called to ask a question at 4 pm and no one answered. When is the best time to call about my order?

I’m graduating soon. What is the latest date I can order?

Will my chapter provide my graduation regalia?


Publications Questions

Susan Iles is the Director of Communications at Psi Chi and oversees publications, social media, and logo and reprint permissions. 

How do I submit our Chapter Activities to Eye on Psi Chi?

Is my article more suitable for Eye on Psi Chi, or for the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research?

What is a "masked submission”?

How do I subscribe to the Digest, or Eye on Psi Chi, or Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research?

How long can I submit a paper to the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research after it is written?

Can I submit my work to the Psi Chi Journal and several other scholarly publications?

Are undergraduate literature reviews accepted into the Journal?

I am looking for more information on how to submit a paper to the Psi Chi Journal. I have read the guidelines, but would like to know the deadline date for submission, page lengths if any, and any other necessary information.

How can I obtain a copy of my paper in its published form?

Are papers published in the Psi Chi Journal broadly available for citation by the scientific community? Will publications be available to literature searches?


Board of Directors/Elections Questions

The Board of Directors of Psi Chi is made up mostly of members who are elected. The Central Office occasionally receives questions about the election cycles, the length of members’ terms, and other inquiries related to governance of the organization.

What are the offices that make up the Board?

How can my chapter submit a nomination?

When can my chapter submit nominations?

Who is qualified to be nominated?

Who votes in Psi Chi elections?

How are ballots cast?

Faculty Advisor
Awards & Grants
Board of Directors/Elections










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