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Eastern Regional Conventions

2014 EPA Convention
March 13–16, 2014 | Boston Park Plaza Hotel Towers | Boston, MA

Psi Chi Distinguished Lecturer

How ‘Hidden Biases of Good People’ Produce Discrimination

Discrimination in the United States has changed greatly in the last 50 years. In the 1980s, the concept of ‘modern racism’ captured some of these changes. More recently, the concept of ‘implicit’ (or ‘hidden’) bias has been introduced to understand further changes, including changes in how gender biases operate. This presentation supports the conclusion that societally significant discrimination now occurs mostly without either malice or intent—as products of mental processes that operate automatically and unthinkingly.

Anthony Greenwald, PhD
University of Washington

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Anthony G. Greenwald has been a professor of psychology at University of Washington since 1986. He received his BA from Yale and PhD from Harvard and was previously a professor at Ohio State University. He has published over 180 scholarly articles, primarily on social psychology, cognitive psychology, and research method. He has authored or edited five books and served on editorial boards of 13 psychological journals. His recognitions for research contributions include the Donald T. Campbell Award from the Society of Personality and Social Psychology, the Distinguished Scientist Award from the Society of Experimental Social Psychology, and election as Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Greenwald provoked modern attention to the psychological self with his 1980 article, "The Totalitarian Ego.” His 1990s methods made unconscious cognition and subliminal perception orderly research topics.

In 1995, Greenwald invented the Implicit Association Test (IAT; published in 1998, surpassing 1,000 scholarly citations within 10 years after publication). The IAT rapidly became a standard method for assessing individual differences in implicit social cognition. It has provided the basis for three patent applications and practical applications in clinical psychology, education, marketing, and diversity training.


Deborah Harris-O'Brien, PhD
Trinity Washington University
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Fordham University
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Joyce Jagielo, PhD
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

Katherine Marsland, PhD
Southern Connecticut State University

Maria Parmley, PhD
Assumption College

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Drexel University (PA)

Joseph Giardino
Fordham University

Christopher D. Hill, MS

Howard University (DC)

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