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President-Elect Candidate

First Candidate

Dan Corts, PhD
Augustana College (IL)

Position Statement
Psi Chi has built a reputation on its support of undergraduate research; this is exactly what got me excited about becoming a chapter advisor as a freshly minted assistant professor in 2002. Our chapter has benefited greatly from this support by winning research grants and Regional Research Awards, and by attending conferences supported by the Society. Psi Chi rightly values scientific research, and so its reputation is well-deserved and worth maintaining. However, the Society also promotes leadership and social responsibility—values that a discipline focused on human behavior is uniquely positioned to support.

What if Psi Chi built an equally strong reputation for psychology-based service and other forms of experiential learning? The awards program could fund chapter advisors who develop innovative experiential learning, recognize chapters for completing unique, high-impact service projects consistent with our mission, and provide competitive grants to find stipends for student internships with non-profit mental health organizations.

Psi Chi also recognizes that excellence is not tied to geography or income, and that we all benefit from diversity. Could we be more inclusive honor society, or are we doing enough already? Recent boards of directors have done great work to internationalize the Society. Continuing efforts may include increasing financial support for chapters and members in developing countries, and opportunities for members worldwide to connect with each other, perhaps through a "big brother/big sister” program in which a model chapter in the United States provides encouragement and advice to new chapters abroad.

Biographical Statement
I discovered psychology at Belmont University where I earned my BS, and then completed a PhD in cognition at the University of Tennessee. After a post doc at Furman University, I came to Augustana College. I still recall hearing about a liberal arts college needing someone to teach cognition and statistics—someone with a commitment to undergraduate research. It sounded like my dream job, and I have been here ever since. I continue to study cognition in the lab, but spend more time on interventions designed to improve academic performance and behavior in public schools.

As a graduate student, I would never have guessed that Psi Chi would play such a significant role in my career. However, reflecting on the past ten years, I feel very proud of our chapter’s growth. In 2003, we had one student-authored poster at MPA; more recently, our chapter members have 10–11 presentations each year, usually with at least one Regional Research Award winner. And where else but in Psi Chi would I find students asking me if we could get a small group together between classes to learn multivariate statistics?

Beyond chapter activities, I have served on the Midwestern Steering Committee and Grants and Awards Committee, served as an associate editor for the journal, and I completed one term as Midwestern Vice-President. These experiences have shown me that it takes a team of dedicated individuals to make Psi Chi the effective organization it is, and I would welcome the chance to join that team as President-Elect.

Second Candidate

Randall E. Osborne, PhD
Texas State University–San Marco

Position Statement
I hope that every person actively involved in Psi Chi does so out of love for our discipline and a quest for knowledge. That quest must be nurtured so that all feel that their contributions are of worth and that the collective wants, indeed needs, those contributions to stay vital. Psi Chi is and must continue to be inclusive. This means that we know that the difference is not only important for the whole, it is essential. Psi Chi’s expansion from a National to an International Honor Society in recent years is a wonderful example of this inclusiveness.
My position is one of empowerment, communication, active listening, and follow-through. As Vice President for the Southwestern Region, I worked: (1) to empower all chapters to add their voice to Psi Chi’s future; (2) to communicate those voices forward to all levels; (3) to actively listen, without employing my own biases and filters (as best I can as a human being, of course!), to what these chapters have to say and offer; and (4) to follow-through on those communications so that the flow of information truly moves both ways. I believe if you speak to students who attended the National Leadership Conference or whom have interacted with me at SWPA or who have contacted me via the website for advice and information, they would agree that I have fulfilled these elements of my former position. I pledge to continue to do so and do so at the Presidential level if elected.
Biographical Statement
Dr. Osborne received his PhD in social psychology from The University of Texas at Austin in 1990. He successfully defended his dissertation in the fall of 1989 while serving as a visiting assistant professor at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. After serving two years as an assistant professor at Phillips University, Dr. Osborne joined the faculty at Indiana University East in 1992 and was tenured and promoted to associate professor in 1997. In 2005, Dr. Osborne was promoted to full professor at Texas State. His background is in social psychology but his teaching interests range from introductory psychology to forensic psychology.
For almost three years, Dr. Osborne served as chair of the Behavioral and Social Science Division at Indiana University East and the Psychology Department at Texas State from fall 2001 to fall 2005. His colleagues describe him as endlessly enthusiastic. He himself lives by the motto, "take your job seriously and yourself lightly.”
Dr. Osborne has published numerous articles in scholarly journals, teaching journals, and applied journals. In addition, his more than 30 books include textbooks, resource manuals for faculty, study guides for students, a humor book about nerds and self-esteem, two coedited books on global security and social justice, and two fantasy adventure novels. He has served as a regional coordinator for the Midwestern Region and then president of the National Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology, served two terms as Southwestern Regional Vice-President of Psi Chi (from 2008–2012), has been a Psi Chi advisor for over 20 years, and helped establish the Psi Chi Chapters at Luther College and Indiana University East.


Dan Corts, PhD
Augustana College


Randall E. Osborne, PhD
Texas State University
–San Marcos



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