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Top Recruiting Chapters of Fiscal Year 2018

Posted By Psi Chi Central Office, Monday, October 29, 2018
Updated: Monday, October 29, 2018


Congratulations Are in Order!

We are excited to announce the top 10 chapters to grow by percentage during the 2018 fiscal year (July 1, 2017–June 30, 2018). Advisors and officers at each of the campuses listed below have accomplished a truly exceptional task. We at the Psi Chi Central Office cannot thank these individuals enough for their hard work and dedication to support our Professional Organization. We sincerely appreciate your continued trust in Psi Chi to recognize and promote the latest generation of future psychologists!

Top 10 Chapters to Induct a Higher Percentage of Members
in FY2018 Over FY2017
Chapter Name New Members FY2017 New Members FY2018 Total % Growth
Columbia University  4 96 2,300%
Rockhurst University  1 22 2,100%
Spring Hill College  1 19 1,800%
Coe College  1 16 1,500%
Tarleton State University  2 26 1,200%
University of Detroit Mercy  1 13 1,200%
Queens University of Charlotte  1 13 1,200%
Grand View University  2 25 1,150%
Tuskegee University  1 10 900%
Butler University  1 10 900%
Note. Numbers in all three tables are based on the date that payment was received and processed by the Central Office.

Time and time again, reactivating and/or expanding a Psi Chi chapter has proven to be extremely rewarding endeavor. This holds true for local advisors and officers, the new members welcomed into the Society, and also others in their community who benefit from the chapter’s community service, educational, and fund-raising activities.

Dr. Denise Friedman recently moved to Hampton University and began the process of reactivating the university’s chapter. As she told us, “Psi Chi has supported me and my former students in numerous forms, from providing extensive information on resources about funding, graduate programs, and careers to funding research efforts and conference attendance to covering our chapter activities in Eye on Psi Chi. Reactivating the chapter was never a question of why but rather how soon.”

Other Incredible Recruitment Statistics

Some psychology departments are smaller than others, so we at the Psi Chi Central Office feel that it is important to specially recognize chapter growth by percentage as shown in the chart above. Doing so allows chapters at all schools, big and small, the opportunity for their chapters to be recognized for their successful growth!

However, perhaps you would also like to see the 10 chapters that inducted the highest number of total new members in FY2018 over the previous year!? Here is that data too. And, last of all, we have included a list of the 10 chapters with the highest overall induction numbers during FY2018! The chapters in both lists have achieved truly impressive growth and sustainability! Well done, everyone!

Top 10 Chapters to Induct More Members in FY2018 Over FY2017
Chapter Name New Members FY2017 New Members FY2018 Total # Growth
Grand Canyon University 84 262 178
Columbia University 4 96 92
Arizona State University 60 146 86
Pepperdine University,
West Los Angeles
70 137 67
University of Toronto, Scarborough 0 59 59
Arizona State University West 33 91 58
Vassar College 8 61 53
Adler University 36 86 50
Duke University 0 49 49
Western Washington University 0 43 43
Note. Numbers in all three tables are based on the date that payment was received and processed by the Central Office.


Top 10 Inducting Chapters of FY2018
Chapter Name New Members FY2018
Grand Canyon University 262
Arizona State University 146
Florida International University 146
Florida State University 144
Pepperdine University,
West Los Angeles
Nova Southeastern University 127
University of Connecticut 96
Columbia University 96
Arizona State University West 91
Kean University 88
Note. Numbers in all three tables are based on the date that payment was received and processed by the Central Office.


Will Your Chapter Make These Lists Next Year?

Starting your recruitment drives early in the fall each year is beneficial to all parties. It allows new members to take advantage of their membership benefits throughout the year such as awards and grants, publications opportunities, the career center, etc. And, it empowers your chapter to conduct bigger and better service projects, fund-raisers, cookouts, movie nights, trips to the zoo—you name it!

So, naturally, we at the Central Office want to encourage to make recruitment a priority for October this year. As a special incentive to do so, we are providing these three special updates:

  1. The new Diversity Membership Drive will help you to identify potential members that you chapter might have overlooked. View the PDF.
  2. All new members whose fees are processed by the Central Office before December 31 this fall will receive a free wallet-sized member card in addition to their membership certificate.
  3. The chapter in each region with the highest percentage of new members in fall 2018 over fall 2017 will receive a $50 credit to the Psi Chi Store. (Importantly, this contest is being reviewed by percentage of growth, which means that chapters at every school have a chance to win, not just the really big schools!)

Good luck to you all! Have questions about recruitment strategies or ensuring that all members feel welcome joining your chapter? Feel free to post in the comments below (login required) or contact In the meantime, here are some articles that you may find helpful:

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Strategies to Promote Upcoming Psi Chi Service Projects and Events

Posted By Bradley Cannon, Psi Chi Writer/Journal Managing Editor, Monday, October 1, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, July 31, 2019

In the past 90 years, Psi Chi chapters have done a LOT of good in their communities! From pie-in-the-face contests to mental health awareness weeks, there is no limit to what your chapter can do or the number of people your efforts can affect at your campus and beyond.

Here are some service project ideas to consider for your local chapter! Chapters frequently also host student research conferences and educational events about career advice, getting into graduate school, and fields of psychology.

The key to hosting a successful event is having a healthy promotions strategy. Some chapters have specific officer positions (e.g., Program Coordinators/Committees) dedicated solely to organizing and promoting a specific annual event. Alternatively, some chapters divvy up the responsibilities for hosting an event across their entire officer team. Whichever way your chapter is set up, here are 25+ promotions strategies to consider for your upcoming events:

To Inform and Involve Your Chapter Members

  • Announce the event repeatedly at Psi Chi chapter meetings and other events.
  • Create flyers, social media posts, blurb quotes, and descriptions of the event.
  • Request for details about the event to be shared on any chapter webpages, emails, bulletin boards, blogs, social media, etc.
  • Ask professors to tell their students about the event.
  • To increase member engagement, ask around and select an event type or philanthropic “cause” that your members are passionate about.
  • Establish a timeline and a sign-up sheet so that members can volunteer for specific responsibilities (e.g., acquiring sponsors, food, room acquirement, flyers).
  • Collect volunteers’ contact information, and check in with them from time to time to see how they are doing.
  • Encourage your members to give you their ideas and feedback early.

To Inform and Involve Others in Your Community

  • Launch and maintain a Facebook Event page.
  • Ask local businesses and school organizations to support the event. Specifically, consider requesting financial donations, product donations, food donations, volunteer time, flyers to promote the event, etc., as appropriate. (Be sure to publically recognize and thank any sponsors at the event!)
  • Maintain an email list of potential supporters, chapter members, and interested participants.
  • Before the event, let everyone know that you appreciate their support, and provide clear instructions for how they can share your flyers and other materials to help you promote the event.
  • Write a press release for local media sources such as newspapers, television news stations, university news, local organizations, etc.
  • Seek out the support of your psychology department to help spread the word about the event via social media, email, and other methods.
  • Reach out to nearby Psi Chi chapters and invite them to join you. You can identify nearby chapters with our Chapter Directory Search tool.
  • Invite a relevant guest speaker to attend the event.
  • Entice and reward your volunteers with free tickets and other benefits.

To Attract Attendees

  • Decide on a hashtag and promote it often.
  • Create and share a Q&A of any popular questions you receive.
  • Specially invite any relevant opinion leaders in your area such as professors and other experts. Ask them to attend (and share about) your event.
  • Host (and record) a mini “preview” event that you can share to build hype for the official event.
  • If it costs money to attend your event, consider offering an early-bird discount.
  • Host a free-tickets giveaway or raffle items at the event itself.
  • People love food! Let everyone know if there will be free or purchasable refreshments!

During the Event

  • Take lots of pictures.
  • Share portions of the event on Facebook Live.
  • Ask participants for testimonials about the event.

After the Event

  • Keep detailed notes of your promotions strategies so that future officers will have the best chance to succeed if they decide to host the event again next year.
  • Share about the event, even after it’s ended! Sharing pictures and video clips, participants’ feedback, sponsors who made the event possible, etc. will express your appreciation to all parties involved and build hype for future events!

What other ideas do you have to promote your chapter events? Please share them below (login required).

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Using Merchandise to Strengthen Your Chapter’s Brand Identity

Posted By Ayana Woodard, Psi Chi Merchandise Coordinator, Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A brand identity is an organization’s overall visual appearance—or its personality! Each time Psi Chi’s brand identity is consistently displayed through your chapter, a stronger visual association is formed between people and our Professional Organization itself. With that being said, what is the most successful trait of any brand? You got it, awareness for Psi Chi and your chapter.

Here, I have provided a few tips on how you can increase your chapter’s brand and membership numbers through Psi Chi merchandise. We will briefly dive into how merchandise can help you create campus awareness, show appreciation to current members, and improve your image via social media. So let’s get to it!

Campus Awareness

Have you thought about creating more awareness through merchandise worn by your members and at social events hosted on campus? It’s a great way to put Psi Chi in the minds of potential members and raise some inquiries. Some students might have never heard of Psi Chi, but this will assist in opening up the conversation. This can be an incredible push for those already familiar with Psi Chi to do more research on the organization. Before you know it, the Psi Chi logo will be around every corner worn proud by its members.


Psi Chi merchandise is also a great way to show appreciation to your members. Let all of your members know that they are valued by a small token through the online store. For example, provide small gifts to new initiates to let them know how happy you are to have them be a part of the chapter. Or show gratitude to your officers for all of the hard work they do to keep your chapter up and running. This not only helps bring in more members, but motivates them to remain active for years to come, not only in Psi Chi, but across the entire field of psychology.

Social Media

This final note is a given. Social media is a focal point in this generation. So posting on a regular basis is key to a successful chapter. When you post your amazing accomplishments, uniformity is key—both for your chapter and Psi Chi as a whole. Brand consistency creates an organized and proud appearance for those interested in the organization. Psi Chi’s merchandise can easily help you achieve this goal. Whether it be a simple Psi Chi button, matching T-shirts, or our new baseball caps, we have all you need.

I hope you find this helpful, and please feel free to browse the new and improved online store at We have exciting new merchandise including your chapter favorites located there. Also, if you have any ideas, please feel free to contact Psi Chi’s merchandise department via contact form located at or via e-mail at

Want to learn more about establishing a consistent brand with Psi Chi and other chapters around the world? See our official 2018-19 Brand Identity Guide. Happy promoting!


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Chapter Social Media Voice Guidelines

Posted By Bradley Cannon, Psi Chi Writer/Journal Managing Editor, Monday, September 17, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Are you excited about establishing or maintaining social media accounts for your Psi Chi chapter? You should be! Over the years, social media has proven to be an invaluable opportunity to spread the word to others about topics you are passionate about—such as your Psi Chi Chapter. Social media is a heavily used outlet for promoting events and activities. And importantly, being the official Social Media Voice for your chapter will:

  • look great on your resumé,
  • help you develop valuable leadership skills,
  • teach you about Psi Chi initiatives, and
  • provide unique opportunities to interact with fellow members and your local advisor.

User trends for various social media platforms is constantly changing. However, here are some basic guidelines that we expect to remain constant for years to come.

Getting Started

If your chapter doesn’t yet have any social media pages, then the first thing you will want to do is launch one or more accounts. To do this, ask around at your chapter meetings and in your psychology department to determine which social media platforms your primary audience currently uses. Then, develop social media pages on the appropriate platforms that they visit most often. Consider Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as your top choices.

Sharing Is Caring!

One responsibility for your chapter social media voice is to follow Psi Chi’s official social media pages and share their content regularly. These profiles each provide a wealth of information that you can pass on to your followers about upcoming award and grant deadlines, programming at regional psychology conventions, publication releases, membership programs, special merchandise offers, and historical information about Psi Chi. Here are links to each official profile:

Psi Chi has additional pages that you are encouraged to follow and share too. For example, there are unique Facebook groups for each region of Psi Chi: Eastern, Midwestern, Rocky Mountain, Southeastern, Southwestern, and Western.

You are encouraged to support your psychology department and other campus organizations by liking and sharing their posts as well. Interacting in this way will help you form new relationships and establish Psi Chi as an active, supportive presence at your school. These other organizations will be more likely to follow you and share your posts as well.

Last of all, many chapters around the world are on social media doing clever and creative things! Be sure to search for and follow some of these accounts as well!

What to Post?

Social media allows you to form relationships with your members and others. Post regularly about subjects that you think your members will be interested in. Some platforms, such as Facebook, will also allow you to view analytics to help you determine what content works best with your unique audience. Here are some ideas for your posts:

  • Live tweet during chapter meetings.
  • Make Facebook Live videos of your chapter’s special events such as your induction ceremony.
  • Support your chapter’s recruitment drives by reminding followers about upcoming chapter deadlines.
  • Post images of students presenting research at a local or regional convention.
  • Keep an eye on your chapter’s website or bulletin board, and announce all updates throughout the year.
  • Spotlight individual members or faculty at your college or university.
  • Share links to published articles and other accomplishments made by members at your chapter.

Choosing Hashtags

You are encouraged to use #PsiChi whenever possible in your social media posts. This makes it easy for people outside of your community to search and see what your chapter is up to.

Here are some other hashtags regularly used by the Psi Chi Central Office. Feel free to tag these whenever appropriate!

  • #PsiChiCon for conventions
  • #Help_HelpedMe for our help-seeking behavior initiative
  • #PsiChiURW for Undergraduate Research Week
  • #PsiChiJournal for our Journal
  • #PsiChiEye for our magazine
  • #PsiChiLab for our blog
  • #NICE for the Network for International Collaborative Exchange
  • #PsiChiAwards for awards programs
  • #PsiChiGrants for grants programs
  • #ChapterChallenge for the annual Chapter Challenge program

Your Profile Picture

Consider using the official Psi Chi Chapter Logo for your chapter’s social media profile picture. To access this image, visit your Officer Admin webpage, scroll down to the Branding section, and choose Logos. Two important things to keep in mind:

  1. If you can’t access your Officer Admin page, then remind your advisor to update the current list of registered Chapter Officers via the Advisor Admin Page.
  2. If you intend to use the Psi Chi Logo for something other than your social media profile picture, you or your advisor should review the Logos page to determine whether permission from the Psi Chi Central Office is required.

Representing Psi Chi

It is important that your social media platforms follow the overall brand identity of our Professional Organization. Each time Psi Chi’s brand is correctly displayed, viewers everywhere are better able to form a unique visual association with Psi Chi. Maintaining our brand helps to distinguish Psi Chi from other organizations and establishes continuity across all our many diverse chapters. In other words, having a consistent brand image allows a chapter member from Malaysia to automatically recognize and identify with a chapter’s message from Iowa or anywhere else around the world.

Psi Chi has a special Brand Identity Guide to help you properly represent our Professional Organization. This file is available on the Officer and Advisor Admin pages under the Branding section. The guide will teach you how to properly use our Logos, colors, tagline, letterhead, and more.

Remember to Cross Promote

Want to increase the visibility of your chapter’s social media pages? Promote your pages

  • on other social media pages,
  • at chapter meetings,
  • on chapter business cards,
  • on your chapter’s website, and
  • anywhere else you can think of.

Your emphasis on “social media” should be on the “social” part. So, don’t try to do it all alone! Ask your friends and fellow members for ideas. And, remind them often that your chapter social media pages are there to support everyone in their many endeavors.


Have questions or advice? Members, you are invited to log in and post in the comment section below.

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Is Your Psi Chi Chapter in the News?

Posted By Psi Chi Central Office, Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, September 11, 2018

It is always exciting to see and share local news articles about Psi Chi chapters!

Has your chapter been in the news lately? Psi Chi’s mission is “recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology.” And of course, one great way to “recognize and promote” your members’ academic and philanthropic accomplishments is by sharing their activities in the local media.

Consider contacting local editors in your area to see if they are interested in sharing your Psi Chi stories. For example, local news channels, university publications, and department publications are all appropriate outlets to discuss Psi Chi and your chapter endeavors. You might also consider publishing Psi Chi news yourself through your own local Psi Chi chapter website, blog, and/or social media platforms (learn more).

Here are some specific topics that local news outlets might be interested in:

  • new members inducted,
  • chapter anniversary milestones,
  • upcoming and past chapter service events, and
  • honors received by your members.

Need ideas? Below, we’ve collected some recent articles from the spring semester published through local news channels, university publications, and chapter websites.

ASU Psychology Students and Faculty Attend RMPA 2018
May 17, 2018—Valley Courier

Iraqi Refugee Plans to Help Others With Disabilities Like Her Own
May 9, 2018—CU Denver Today

Psi Chi Lock Haven University Chapter Welcomes 10 Inductees
May 1, 2018—The Express

Victoria LeCroy Wins Psi Chi Undergraduate Research Award
May 1, 2018—Valdosta State University Newsroom

Psi Chi Hosts First Spelling Bee
April 19, 2018—Lindenlink

UNCG Psi Chi Chapter Turned 60 This Year
March 21, 2018—Humans Behaving Blog

Psi Chi Inducts New Members, Allows Students to Make Connections
March 14, 2018—Lindenlink

Why a Little Girl Wanted to Cut Off 12 Inches of Hair
February 7, 2018—Psi-Chi-ology Lab

Psi Chi Presents MATCHMAKER for Spring Research Opportunities
January 19, 2018—UIC Today

Psi Chi UCA Chapter Receives Model Chapter Award Ten Years Running
September 29, 2017—Bear Blog

Psi Chi members achieve so many important things around the world—and these efforts should not go unrecognized! We hope that this list is helpful and uplifting as you begin the process of “recognizing and promoting” your members’ good deeds and hard work.

Please also remember that officers and advisors are encouraged to submit summaries of their chapter’s accomplishments for publication in Eye on Psi Chi magazine. Our blog, Psi-Chi-ology Lab, accepts engaging personal stories and endeavors by local Psi Chi members’ too.

Has your chapter been in the news? Log in and share a link below!

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Tips for Maintaining a Chapter Website or Blog

Posted By Bradley Cannon, Psi Chi Writer/Journal Managing Editor, Monday, August 27, 2018
Updated: Friday, July 27, 2018

A strong communication strategy is vital to your chapter’s success. This spring, we discussed ideas for establishing chapter e-mails, social media, newsletters, bulletin boards, and flyers. However, one major form of communication was missing from that article: your Chapter Website or Blog!

Your website or blog is key to your chapter. It is the central hub for your communication platforms and a perfect means to pull together all of your various chapter’s needs and opportunities. Do you ever get questions from your members about how to join Psi Chi, who to contact about upcoming local events, or membership benefits? Answers to all of these questions would be useful information to have posted on your chapter website or blog.

1. How to Get Started

There are many ways to create a website. Your Psychology Department might be able to provide you with a section of your school’s official website that you can dedicate to Psi Chi. Or, you could create a simple and free blog-type website using platforms such as Blogger. That is A-Ok!

On the other hand, if you really want to go “all out,” you also have the option of building a state-of-the-art website using platforms such as Word Press, Wix, or Weebly. Just expect these to take a little more time, and be sure to write down any necessary procedures so that future officers can continue to access and update the website for years to come.

2. The All-Important JOIN Section

Your chapter website could be a single, simple page. Or it could have multiple pages, with a menu bar, social media apps, a rotating banner image, and so forth. Either way, first and foremost, you definitely want to share information on your website that provides members with basic instructions about joining and becoming involved in the organization. Be sure to make this page prominent on your homepage, and easy to find when visiting any other pages too.

Membership requirements do occasionally change from year to year. Therefore, we recommend that you simply link to the official Psi Chi webpage, instead of duplicating the entire requirements on your local chapter page. This ensure that your website always directs potential members to the latest information.

The same is true for Membership Benefits. New benefits arrive all the time (here are seven), so be sure to link to the official Psi Chi Membership Benefits webpage at

3. Upcoming Events

Let members and others in your community see what your chapter is up to. Share about upcoming meetings, community service projects, and opportunities to become an officer for your chapter. For all upcoming events, feature dates, times, rooms, and ways to request additional information. Also, you might ask your chapter secretary to submit the minutes for each meeting, so that you can highlight past events as well.

4. Contact Information

It is a good idea to list all current officers and their preferred contact information. Some chapter websites also include portraits and short biography statements for their officers. Here is an example of how Psi Chi’s Board of Directors and Central Office Staff are featured on the Psi Chi website. Perhaps you could do something similar on your chapter website.

5. Other Resources

To attract additional visitors to your website, consider compiling a list of helpful information about attending grad school, finding a career, and so forth. Psi Chi provides many resources on these topics: Careers in Psychology, Going to Graduate School, Conducting Research, Diversity Matters, Leadership, and Attending and Presenting at Conventions. You are encouraged to link to these resources on your chapter website.

You could also conduct short written or recorded interviews with local professors or students to publish on your website. Having a steady supply of fresh content on your website can go a long way toward showing others that your chapter has a healthy, active presence on your campus.

6. Integrating Social Media

You might be maintaining your chapter website, social media, and other platforms all by yourself. Or, maybe different officers are assigned to each communication platform. Either way, be sure to always share any information about your social media platforms on your website, and vice versa! After all, how else would a person visiting your website know where to follow you on social media? And how else would someone on social media know where to find the latest chapter contact information on your website?

You can never be completely sure which platform a person will use first. So, it is always a good idea to regularly and clearly show how all of your chapter’s unique platforms are connected and used to collectively support your chapter and its goals.

7. Plan for the Future

Do your chapter a huge favor! Write down any relevant information about your chapter website. Then, pass this information on to future generations of officers. For example, share any important chapter passwords, a list of information to be updated regularly, and any procedures for acquiring new information to be added to the website. Share brief instructions about how to make these updates, too!

Good luck launching or revitalizing your chapter website or blog. Have questions? Feel free to log in and ask away in the comments below. And of course, remember to log in and subscribe to this free publication!

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Our First Replication Badge: Doing It Over Again for the First Time

Posted By Steven V. Rouse, PhD, Pepperdine University, Wednesday, August 15, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, August 15, 2018

In ways, the Table of Contents for the most recent issue of the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research looks like most issues. In this issue, you’ll find roughly half a dozen well-written articles about well-designed empirical research studies, spanning topics as diverse as the perception of individuals with autism, the stress-buffering effect of self-compassion, and having a positive sense of one’s identity as a disabled person. The range and quality of the articles reflects the high quality of psychological research that you have come to expect in the journal. At first glance, this is nothing new.

However, when you look more closely, you will see something historic for our journal: each article title is accompanied by an Open Science Badge. Last year, we announced that the journal has joined many other psychological research journals in an effort to restore high standards of transparency and openness in psychological research by awarding badges to journal articles that take necessary steps to:

preregister their studies,

make their research materials publicly available,

and/or make their research data publicly available.

Following the guidelines written by the Center for Open Science, any article published in the journal can be designated with an Open Science badge if its authors have taken appropriate steps. By no means are authors required to take these steps in order to have their research considered for publication; after all, as I noted in the introduction to this issue, there are special considerations that might make it problematic to earn certain badges for certain studies in certain situations. But all eight of the articles in this recent issue serve as exemplars of research studies that took the steps necessary to earn one or more of these badges.

However, when you look even more closely, you will see something historic, not just for our journal but for psychological research in general. The first article in this journal, “Self-Esteem, Self-Disclosure, Self-Expression, and Connection on Facebook,” has an additional badge, designating it as a Replication study. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first article in any psychological research journal to receive a badge to designate it as a Replication study. Although Psi Chi agrees with the Center for Open Science about the importance of celebrating research that follows best practices of Open Data, Open Materials, and Preregistration, we have taken it upon ourselves to go one step further by creating our own Replication badge, unique to our journal, in order to highlight the value of this important type of research (as explained by Dr. John Edlund). For this reason, Leighton, Legate, LePine, Anderson, and Grahe (2018), the first recipients of our Replication badge, are groundbreakers.

Although this article was the first to receive the Replication badge, we know that many more will follow. If researchers would like to seek this badge, it will require more advanced planning than any of the other badges. A “direct replication” conscientiously follows the exact same steps as a previously published study, exploring whether the published effect generalizes to different settings and different populations. A “direct-plus replication” follows the same procedure as a previously published study, but includes additional variables; this not only allows for exploration of the generalizability of the published effect but also extends the literature to include new concepts. Therefore, both types of replications require planning that begins at the very earliest stages of research design.

Sometimes, historic moments are obvious; other times, they may be harder to recognize. In the most recent issue of the Psi Chi Journal, Leighton and his colleagues blazed new trails. We hope than many other researchers follow their path, conducting conscientious replications of previously published research to publish in the Psi Chi Journal of Psychological Research.

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Welcome New Chapters: 2017-18

Posted By Psi Chi Central Office, Monday, July 2, 2018
Updated: Monday, July 2, 2018


Psi Chi continues to grow and succeed. In the 2017–18 year alone, 21,800+ members joined. That’s 21,800+ people who are in the top of their classes and eager to make a difference in the field of psychology. Further, we are excited to announce that eight new chapters were approved by Psi Chi’s Board of Directors since last July, making the total number of chapters now 1,150+.

New Chapters Approved

Chapters Approved in 2017–18

  • Eureka College, MW region
  • Keiser University, SE region
  • University of Guam (INT), SW region
  • University of Nicosia (INT), MW region
  • University of Toronto, Scarborough (INT), MW region
  • *Holy Cross College MW region
  • *Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MW region
  • *Viterbo University, MW region

We are also pleased to welcome these three chapters, which were previously approved in 2016–17 and later installed in 2017–18 academic year:

  • **University of North Texas Dallas, SW region
  • **Columbia University, E region
  • **Grand View University, MW region

It is always fulfilling for us to see members of a new chapter learning about our Organization and their membership benefits. Below is an image of the new chapter at Columbia University (NY). This chapter hosted its first-ever induction ceremony during the fall 2017 semester. The ceremony welcomed 31 new members, featuring refreshments and three congratulatory speeches!

What's Next?

Psi Chi Central Office staff are already in communication with several individuals interested in starting chapters at their local campuses in the near future. Notably, this year, Psi Chi gained its very first chapters in the countries of Cyprus and Guam. Since Psi Chi became International in 2009, chapters are now located in 21 countries outside of the United States. What new cities and countries will gain Psi Chi chapters next year? We can’t wait to find out!

Reader, do you have connections at a school that does not have a Psi Chi chapter? Share our Membership Benefits page with them so that they can learn about our Organization. To start a new chapter, visit HERE.

Conduct a Lab Experiment

Log in and welcome our latest new chapters in the comment section below. Have advice for these chapters? Please share that info as well!

* Denotes chapters that have been Board approved but not yet installed.
** Donates chapters that were previously Board approved in the 2016–17 year and later installed during the 2017–18 year.

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How to Say "Psi Chi"

Posted By Psi Chi Central Office, Tuesday, May 8, 2018
Updated: Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Psi Chi is the International Honor Society for Psychology. This is easy enough to read and remember. But what isn’t always so easy is pronouncing Psi Chi out loud for the first time! At the Psi Chi Central Office, we’ve witnessed this play out in many ways on the phone and in person. For example:

Some people tackle the issue head on by asking, “Am I saying that right?” Good for them! Others sometimes accidentally say “Psy Chee” or “P-si Chi.” And other times, people avoid mentioning the word Psi Chi throughout an entire lengthy conversation—coincidence? We think not! ;)

Anyway, mispronouncing Psi Chi happens all the time, and it’s nothing to feel embarrassed about. The word isn't exactly composed of the most commonly used syllables. And it is doubtful that this little mistake will disappear any time soon (unless Psi Chi gets added to a lesson in Hooked on Phonics, perhaps).

So for the record, here’s how you say Psi Chi!

So, What Does Psi Chi Mean?

Deconstructing the name of our Professional Organization is revealing. First there’s the Psi part, which represents the Greek letter Ψ and Greek word psyche. Psyche means mind, particularly enrichment of the mind or scholarship.

Chi is for the Greek letter Χ, which represent the word cheires. This means hands, as in fellowship and cooperation.

Then comes International, the newest part of Psi Chi’s name. For the majority of the organization’s history, Psi Chi was a “national honor society.” This change to an international honor society was a big one, even requiring an amendment to the constitution. Thanks to these efforts, Psi Chi now has chapters located all around the world.

(Check your own local chapter banners and materials. Do they have the proper International name printed on them? You can order new ones in the Psi Chi Store.)

Next, there is the word Honor, which speaks to our members’ outstanding academic performance. The requirements to join Psi Chi are stringent; having met them is proof of scholastic achievement. Service is not a requirement of membership, but it is an meaningful component of many chapters’ activities. Those who serve their communities add another dimension to the “honor” part of the name.

Finally, there is in Psychology. Psychology is a broad field, and the day-to-day work of a counselor differs substantially from the day-to-day work of a neuropsychologist. However, they do have one important commonality—a desire to help. Our members represent a population that strives to improve the human condition.

As it turns out, a name can convey a substantial amount of information! So when you say Psi Chi, be sure to say it with pride for all the positive things that our society and your membership stands for. Psi Chi offers $400,000+ in annual awards and grants, four great publications (including your favorite blog here!), a Career Center, and many other benefits.

Conduct an Experiment

The author of this post admits to mispronouncing Psi Chi once, a long, long time ago. So let’s all be honest! Have you ever mispronounced Psi Chi? If not, then maybe you’d like to share any other psychology words that have you mispronounced instead (login required to comment).

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Apply Psi Chi’s Goals to Your Personal Endeavors

Posted By Psi Chi Central Office, Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Updated: Tuesday, April 10, 2018

In a recent blog article, we discussed how local chapters can use Psi Chi’s three goals at the start of each semester to create a roadmap to success. Today, let’s talk about how individual members, including alumni members, can benefit from these three goals too.

Members are encouraged to connect with a local chapter in their area to pursue their goals as a team. However, individual members and alumni are invited to complete our Annual Vision 2020 Worksheet too! This worksheet will help you organize and prepare for meaningful tasks to boost your resum
é, education, and career.

Here are the three goals and some specific suggestions to help you accomplish them.

Goal 1: Scholarly Pursuits

It’s never too late to learn something new! Specifically, this goal encourages you to “conduct exemplary research, disseminate and apply research findings, and maintain a lifelong interest in exploring the field of psychology.” Here are some ways to do this through your membership with Psi Chi.

First, be sure to visit our specific online resources about Conducting Research and Attending and Presenting at Conventions. You’ll be glad that you did—time and time again, research experiences and convention attendance help people discover their unique passions and develop lifelong professional relationships with their peers. Psi Chi features special programming at six regional conventions, APA, and APS. We hope to see you there!

Second, explore our
magazine, blog, and journal. These are all packed with up-to-date information about advancements in psychology. Plus, they also offer unique publication opportunities to Psi Chi students and faculty alike.

Goal 2: Member Development

This goal is a reminder for you to seek out “opportunities to enhance your professional and personal life.” In addition to the skills you will gain from conducting research and networking at conventions, here are three strategies to consider.

First, remember to take advantage of Psi Chi’s Career Center! You can create an account, search for jobs, and set up automatic Job Alerts—all for free. And just as importantly, you can also ask our career experts specific questions about your resumé, interviews, and application materials. Yes, this is a free opportunity to speak with living human beings who are dedicated to guiding you to your next great job opportunity.

A second member development strategy to consider is going to graduate school. Psi Chi is happy to help you with this too through our Going to Grad School Resource and our eBook, An Eye on Graduate School.

A third way to grow personally and professionally is to increase your knowledge of diversity issues and self-improvement strategies such as teamwork skills, mental health, so forth. Our Diversity Matters online resource has some concise steps for you to consider, and our new #Help_HelpedMe Initiative invites you to join us in creating a world where it is safe and acceptable to ask for help when you need it. Also, our three publications are packed with many articles about improving your learning techniques, balancing the work and school, de-stressing, and much more.

Goal 3: Chapter Experiences

Last of all, Psi Chi chapters strive to “foster a vibrant and meaningful environment for all members to contribute to and benefit from continued engagement.”

Although you might have already graduated, you are still welcome to take part in chapter and member experiences. If you have lost contact with your chapter, please take a few minutes to reconnect. Just visit our Chapter Directory, find any chapters near your current location, and then send an e-mail to those faculty advisors to let them know that you are interested in speaking with them and helping them conduct community service activities.

By pursuing each of the three goals above, you are supporting Psi Chi’s greater mission of “recognizing and promoting excellence in the science and application of psychology!” Best wishes in your many future endeavors!

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