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Eye on Psi Chi: Winter 1998

Where We Are, Where We've Been, Where We're Going
Slater E. Newman, Psi Chi President, North Carolina State University

Hello! I am pleased to be your National President for 1997-98. Thank you very much for electing me. I have been in office since August, and I am finding this experience much to my liking. Among the factors that are making it so are an excellent National Council, a very competent and dedicated staff, and a wonderful group of faculty advisors and members, both undergraduate and graduate.

These are exciting times for Psi Chi. We have a number of new programs recently under way and we are considering several others. Among these are our experimenting with changes in governance, which would involve some students and more faculty in decision-making and in carrying out Psi Chi programs, the establishment of an endowment, which would guarantee the continuation through good and through difficult times the programs we especially value, and an exploration of the possibility of having Psi Chi become more involved internationally than we have been so far, though it is still much too early to be able to tell what form that might take.

Each semester I teach two courses, one undergraduate, the other graduate. At the first meeting of each course I take some time to tell the students something about myself. I believe that this has been helpful in establishing a relationship with each student and in enhancing communication between us. And so, in my first letter to you I am going to do the same thing. I have met many of you at regional and national meetings this past year, and I hope that during 1998 I will be attending each of the regional and national (APA and APS) conventions as well as the Psi Chi Miniconvention and that I will get to meet and talk with many more of you then. Furthermore, I hope that you will feel free to get in touch with me through regular mail (Department of Psychology, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 27695-7801), telephone (919-515-1728), fax (919-515-1716), or e-mail ( should you have some ideas or suggestions about how Psi Chi can become even better than it is.

I was raised in Malden, Mass. (about five miles northeast of Boston), and went off to the University of Pennsylvania from which I graduated with a bachelor of science degree in economics. I had my first course in psychology during my senior year, completed a master's degree in industrial psychology at Boston University and a PhD in experimental psychology at Northwestern University, and then spent six years as a research psychologist for the Air Force. In 1957 I took a position as assistant professor at what is now called North Carolina State University (NCSU) and have been here ever since, except for one sabbatical at the University of California at Berkeley and three at the University of London. Here at NCSU I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in cognition, do research on human memory and on the relationship between vision and touch, and among other things, serve as the advisor for the campus chapters of Psi Chi, Amnesty International, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Outside the university I do volunteer work for several organizations in the field of human rights.

My wife Pat received a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill from which she also received a master's degree in social work. She develops therapeutic tools that can be used to help children express their feelings, and these and other such items are available through the Feelings Factory, which she founded in 1987. We are especially proud of our four sons, our three daughters-in-law, and our four grandchildren--two girls and two boys, the oldest of whom is 5.

In each of my classes I also ask each student at the beginning of the semester to introduce her/himself which, I believe, also helps to enhance communication between us. But, since there are so many of you, I'll have to depend mainly on talking with you at the various conventions during the coming year, and on your writing, phoning, faxing, or e-mailing me with your ideas. I look forward to meeting you and to hearing from you.

I feel confident that this is going to be another good year for Psi Chi. I invite each of you to help make it so.


Copyright 1998 (Volume 2, Issue 2) by Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology



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