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Eye on Psi Chi: Spring 2000

Exuberant? About a Meeting?
It Can Happen!

Rebecca M. Stoddart, Psi Chi President, Saint Mary's College (IN)

My frisky dog ran me hard earlier today through the drifts of our most recent winter storm, and I can't keep from looking out of the window at the thick coat of snowy paint that covers the woods and streets. Although the white computer screen I'm sitting in front of pales by comparison, I realize that my writing task lends itself to an exuberant approach. You're skeptical; the topic "What we did at our Midwinter National Council Meeting" sounds suspiciously like an updated version of the old, feared-and-jeered "What I did on my summer vacation." Relax and prepare to be excited. I'll use the exuberant exclamation mark in the following descriptions to signify Council's delight in these Psi Chi milestones:

Psi Chi Awards Budget is Tripled!
The Psi Chi Council has implemented a number of ambitious award programs over the past five years to reward and support student's research accomplishments and new projects, to recognize and support faculty advisors and active chapters in each region, etc. Although these programs are new, more of you are applying for them each year. We are delighted to announce that the 2000-2001 awards budget is now set at $120,000, up from $40,000 this year. Your odds of receiving one of these awards next year is astronomically better than winning the lottery, so what's stopping you from applying?

Research Consultants Hired to Study Psi Chi Members' Needs!
I hoped for and hinted at this possibility in my last column. (Remember, I said we might think like psychologists and take an empirical approach to find out why you joined Psi Chi, the kinds of programs you were interested in having us develop in the future, etc.?) Well, we're doing it. We've hired a top-notch group of applied research consultants to help us learn about your needs and interests, and hope to have the results of this study available soon to guide our planning over the next few years. Knowing what you do about the importance of having a representative sample and a high rate of response, guess what I'd like you to do if you are called upon to participate? Yes, exactly! And thanks so much.

Psi Chi Explores Partnering with the National Science Foundation Summer Research Experience Program!
Exuberant Council members over the past few years have proposed the development of a program to offer research interuships for Psi Chi students during the summer. While struggling to think through and plan for the implementation and administration of this type of program, we realized that several excellent organizations have had research experience programs for undergraduates in existence for decades. We are excited that the National Science Foundation is enthused about working with us on a partnership whereby Psi Chi funds could support Psi Chi students as they participate in the NSF summer research experience program. Keep your fingers crossed and look for an announcement next fall about our progress in developing this partnership.

Downright exuberant too, now, aren't you? I'll end now, so as not to dilute your excitement. But not before encouraging you to stay connected to Psi Chi in the months and years ahead. Please, send us your news and read Eye on Psi Chi, bookmark the Psi Chi website to stay current (, and attend your regional Psi Chi meeting to learn about Psi Chi partnerships and programs that are just right for you. I hope you'll agree that there are an abundance of good reasons to be a Psi Chi member!


Copyright 2000 (Volume 4, Issue 3) by Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology



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