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Eye on Psi Chi: Spring 2004

Happy Anniversary, Psi Chi!
Paula J. Miller, Psi Chi Chief Operations Officer
Editor of Eye on Psi Chi

Psi Chi celebrates its 75th anniversary this year. Do you think that Frederick Lewis or Edwin Newman, the founders of Psi Chi, ever thought that their vision would grow into such a wonderful organization? Do you think that night in the basement when they began planning the society that they had all the things in mind that Psi Chi has accomplished over the past 75 years? I like to think that they did. What foresight those two students had!

This is a year of celebration for Psi Chi and also many other psychology organizations. The Eastern Psychological Association celebrates it 75th meeting, and both the Southeastern Psychological Association and the Southwestern Psychological Association celebrate their 50th anniversaries this year. Please visit each association's website to view all the festivities they have planned!

During this year, many events will help mark the 75th celebration of Psi Chi. Several articles and publications have been written recording the history of the last 75 years. Included in this issue of Eye on Psi Chi is an article written by Dr. John Hogan, a long time historian and past Eastern vice-president of Psi Chi, and Dr. Harold Takooshian, past president of Psi Chi (1998-1999), entitled "Psi Chi: The National Honor Society in Psychology: 75 Years of Scholarship and Service." Please turn to page 16to read the article and learn all about the past 75 years of Psi Chi's history. Dr. Michael Wertheimer, past president of Psi Chi (1990-1991), also wrote an article entitled "Psi Chi Reaches 75" for the American Psychological Society's Observer. Please see the February 2004 issue of the Observer to read more about Psi Chi's 75 years of history. I wish to express thanks to Drs. Hogan, Takooshian, and Wertheimer for recording all the events of the past 75 years.

During Psi Chi's past 75 years we have grown to more than 450,000 members and over 1,000 chapters. And, we have inducted our first international students from Canada! To mark this special anniversary, the Psi Chi National Council, the National Office staff, and many volunteers have put together receptions, social hours, and wonderful programs at all the regional and national conventions. In addition,a special DVD has been produced summarizing the past 75 years of Psi Chi history. The 10-minute DVD will be shown at all conferences in the hospitality suite, so be sure to stop by. The video features many photographs of past presidents, past council members, distinguished lecturers, chapter members, and faculty advisors. You just might see yourself!

Many of the regional conferences have special events planned as well. The Southeastern Psychological Association conference had a Golden Jubilee Reception on Friday, March 12, 2004, in Atlanta that celebrated their 50th anniversary and honored Psi Chi's 75th. The Southwestern Psychological Association has honored Psi Chi during its 75th year by choosing to use Psi Chi's colors—blue and gold—for the 2004 program books and badges.

Also in honor of Psi Chi's anniversary, Dr. Vincent Prohaska, Psi Chi's Eastern vice-president, has planned a panel at the Eastern Psychological Association's conference entitled "Psi Chi at 75: Past, Present, and Future." The panel features Drs. Florence Denmark, Susan Dutch, Norine Jalbert, and Harold Takooshian. This is one session that any EPA attendee should not miss! Dr. Prohaska also expanded Psi Chi's Regional Research Award Program to include posters relating specifically to Psi Chi's history. Eight posters on Psi Chi's history will be presented. Congrat-ulations to those eight future historians!

During the Midwestern Psychological Association conference, there will be a Psi Chi/Psi Beta Social Hour. This will include a reception and a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Psi Chi. If you are planning to attend any regional meetings, please be sure to stop by and help Psi Chi celebrate its anniversary!

Special plans to celebrate the 75th year of Psi Chi have been made for the American Psychological Society (APS) and the American Psychological Association (APA) conferences as well. During the APS conference in Chicago, Illinois, there will be a huge Friday night celebration coordinated by Psi Chi President-Elect Dr. Christopher Koch. Definitely on the menu is a birthday cake for Psi Chi! The 75th year of Psi Chi will also be marked by the announce-ment of the first ever winner of the Psi Chi/APS Albert Bandura Graduate Research Award. Dr. Bandura himself will present George Slavich of the University of Oregon with the award at the opening ceremony of the conference. Please see page 26 for more information on Mr. Slavich.

How exciting that Hawaii is the destination of the APA conference this year. I hope that many of Psi Chi's students will be able to attend and join in the festivities. Psi Chi has planned a special reception at the Hawaii Maritime Center on Friday, July 30, in honor of the Psi Chi's anniversary. There will be snacks and two musicians to kick off the night. The reception will be followed by a two-and-a-half-hour dinner cruise. A hula reception will greet the cruise passengers, and there will be a live duo playing local and contemporary favorites for dining and dancing during the cruise. There will also be a 30-minute Polynesian variety show highlighting Hawaii's musical history. The menu will be great, so please look for your chapter's invitation to attend the dinner cruise, make reservations, and help celebrate the 75th anniversary of Psi Chi at APA.

Lastly, I send a very generous "thank you" to all the people who helped make Psi Chi so successful through the past 75 years. A special "thank you" goes to Ruth Cousins and Kay Wilson, who helped nurture and preserve Psi Chi's resources over so many years so that Psi Chi could reach its 75th. To see what we have accomplished during the first 75 years—I can only imagine what the next 75 will hold!

Now, when I meet new people and they inquire about what I do, maybe I won't have to explain in detail Psi Chi and its purpose or what it represents. Now I can say, "How can you not know Psi Chi? We're 75 years old!"


Copyright 2004 (Volume 8, Issue 3) by Psi Chi, the International Honor Society in Psychology


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