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Eye on Psi Chi: Fall 2019

Eye on Psi Chi

Fall 2019 | Volume 24 | Number 1

An Introduction and Invitation to Psychology in the Headlines

Shawn R. Charlton, PhD
University of Central Arkansas

As I tell my students, psychology is just as applicable in airports as it in zoos and from the ocean into space. Wherever there is a behaving organism, psychologists have behavior to study (if not for Hollywood’s dire warnings about the dangers of extraterrestrials, I would love to be the first xenopsychologist). And that is so awesome! Unfortunately, similar to how we are geographically tied to an area (Arkansas, in my case), the realities of our work and studies limit us to a small slice of psychology. While I love my area of psychology, I cannot help but feel disappointed in all that I cannot see.

Psi Chi can help here! Through Psi Chi’s grants and awards (, we can help you explore the physical world. However, we can also help increase your exposure to the psychological landscape. And we want to invite your participation in doing so! Here is what we are going to do:

Psychology in the Headlines

Psi Chi members represent all areas of psychology and are spread across the globe. The breadth and diversity of experiences represented by our membership is a major strength of the organization. Eye on Psi Chi

We define “area” broadly. Area includes your research focus, scope of practice, industry, and geographic area. An easy way to determine your area is to think of both what you do and where you do it. That’s your area! As you think about the Headlines in your field, here are some questions you might ask:

  • What new major findings are there in my area of research? For example, are there findings that all my peers are abuzz about?
  • Has my area recently been applied to a major media event? (e.g., a solar eclipse, famous trial, school shootings)
  • How do we think differently about an area of research now than we did in the past?
  • What is new in my area of practice or work?
  • Are there recent changes in how we apply psychology in our industry?
  • What is important about psychology now for our region/country?

These are just some of the questions to help identify the Headlines that you could share with Eye in Psi Chi readers from your area of psychology.

Guidelines to Submit

I invite you to send me a 100-word summary of the significant and exciting advances in your area. Summaries are accepted from all members of Psi Chi and can represent advances in any area of psychology (science, practice, industry). As you share the Headlines in your area, we will publish a sampling of these in each issue of Eye on Psi Chi.

In preparing the summary of your area’s Headline, there are some ground rules you need to follow:

  1. Submissions are welcome from all Psi Chi members, regardless of current life or professional role.
  2. Focus on the Headline’s impact to your area, not your contribution to the Headline.
  3. Summaries are limited to 100 words, excluding references.
  4. Full references need to be included for all sources.
  5. Names and emails for all contributors must be included with the submission.
  6. Include a statement of release for Psi Chi to publish your summary, if selected.
  7. Submissions are accepted year round. Please send summaries to

I am extremely excited about reading the Headlines for your area. I envision these summaries as equivalent to the sharing of favorite vacation photos from all over the world! Think about everything that is being done in psychology that we do not have the time or resources to personally experience. That’s what the Headlines will be (I hope)!

So, whether you are in school, practice, or industry, living in Africa, Brazil, or Canada, please accept our invitation to send us a summary of the Headlines in your area of psychology.

Become a Recurring Contributor

We are also seeking faculty and other professionals willing to regularly represent their areas of psychology in Psychology in the Headlines. Recurring Contributors agree to identify and submit a 100-word submission for potential publication in each quarterly issue of Eye on Psi Chi. If you are interested, please say so with your first submission. A limited number of Recurring Contributors will be selected, each of whom I will provide with quarterly deadlines as needed and further instructions.

Example Submission
Psychology at the Border: Immigration and Positive Psychology

Cobb, Branscombe, Meca, Schwartz, Xie, and Zea (2019) invite readers to a “positive” approach to immigration research. Immigration presents a variety of social, political, economic, and psychological challenges. Despite the challenges, Cobb and colleagues review individual, family, social, and cultural factors that contribute to positive psychological outcomes for immigrants. They summarize their stance as, “A positive-psychology perspective promises to advance the field beyond a predominant focus on cultural stressors and pathology to consider immigrant flourishing.” (pg. 627). Cobb and colleagues present a new lens—positive psychology—for approaching a psychologically important topic.

Cobb, C. L., Branscombe, N. R., Meca, A., Schwartz, S. J., Xie, D., Zea, M. C., . . . Martinez, C. R. (2019). Toward a positive psychology of immigrants. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 14, 619–632.

Shawn R. Charlton, PhD, earned a BA degree from Utah State University (2001) and a MS and PhD from the University of California, San Diego (2006). His research interests explore decision-making in a variety of contexts. Research on professional development in higher education is a growing emphasis for his Behavioral and Social Decisions Laboratory.

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